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Training and Support

We work hard to give our franchise owners best-in-class operations support

The difference in a restoration company that generates $500,000 a year and one that generates $2 million a year is often just better training and more aggressive ongoing support.


We provide Steamatic franchisees with comprehensive, in-depth training to help them learn every aspect of the business — from the use of equipment and cleaning formulas to the ins and outs of our computer software. We provide classroom instruction and hands-on experience resembling what they would see on the job.

We understand that franchisees have questions and concerns, and we are here to address them and guide them through every situation that may arise.

And we don’t stop at training. We provide continued support for as long as they are a franchisee to help them navigate whatever challenges they face.

Classroom instruction and hands-on field work prepare our franchisees

After franchisees complete pre-training, they get more detailed education at Steamatic University — a two-week training at our Fort Worth, Texas, corporate headquarters.

Franchisees spend about five days in classroom instruction and doing hands-on training to get their Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification in water and fire damage restoration. These certifications let insurance companies know that franchisees know the proper way to get a cleaning and restoration job done.


The class is taught by 38-year Steamatic veteran Frank Van Zant, who has been the Director of Training and Education at Steamatic for the past 20 years. He is an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited instructor.

Franchisees learn about equipment, cleaning solutions, safety aspects and the science associated with cleaning and restoration. There is a training room where franchisees come face-to-face with situations they would encounter on the job, such as how to extract water from a flooded room.

Another five days are spent on learning how to estimate jobs, on marketing and on learning our computer restoration and cleaning management software, ClientRunner.

After the two weeks, franchisees have an option of staying a third week to shadow Jarrod Sims, the general manager of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Steamatic franchise. A franchisee goes on jobs with him and does some marketing and networking.

Our computer software makes jobs quicker and more efficient

Steamatic has embraced technology to make things more efficient for franchisees, their staff and the insurance companies they work closely with. Upon entering training, the franchisee gets an iPad fully loaded with the business’ operating system.

“Our technology is unique,” says Steamatic Director of Franchise Development Kevin Bryant. “In their equipment package, we give them a loaded, custom iPad. We work with ClientRunner, who has customized software for us. A franchisee can operate their entire business inside ClientRunner. It is easy to use and makes running a complex restoration business a lot easier.”

ClientRunner allows franchisees and their crews to gather information and pictures on the job, and then automatically send a link to insurance adjusters without needing a content management system. Information is cloud-based, so franchisees and crews don’t have to enter information in two or three places.

Continued support backs franchisees

Steamatic doesn’t expect franchisees to grasp everything at training; we understand it takes a while to get the hang of things. No other competitor comes close to helping support franchisees through the learning curve like Steamatic.

After training, corporate team members will visit a new franchisee three times within 90 days to “help them ramp up as quickly as possible,” Kevin says. “One of the things that I’m most proud of here at Steamatic is how we support our new owners. With a lot of franchise concepts, after you come to training, you go back to your territory and you’re done. That’s not the case at all with Steamatic.”

After training is complete we send our Director of Franchise Support Dan Thrush to a new franchisee’s territory to get them up and rolling for a week.

“I go out and help get them situated,” says Dan about helping franchisees to execute the business plan they put together at training. “I see their clients and potential clients with them. I am side by side with them.”


And he likes to talk to the technicians and help them remember that what they are doing is important to people.

About 30 days after Dan spends a week with a franchisee, another corporate team member will come out and spend another week. After that, within the next 30 days, Frank Van Zant, Steamatic’s Director of Training and Education, will visit and host a continuing education class for insurance agents and adjusters to help a franchisee build relationships quickly in the community.

Support doesn’t stop there.

Steamatic franchisees are given Steamatic corporate team members’ cell phone numbers and emails, including those of Steamatic President Steve Willis, and are told to call whenever they need help or have a question. Dan is ready day or night to take a phone call from a franchisee who seeks coaching on a situation.

Steamatic also has a private corporate support Facebook page, where franchisees can communicate about situations that may arise. Some may ask about new pieces of equipment or how best to complete a job efficiently.

Steamatic’s marketing department keeps franchisees informed by distributing a weekly email newsletter sharing news about different franchisees and top performers, plus practical cleaning and restoration tips.

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