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New Steamatic Consumer Site Draws Rave Reviews

Posted Feb 20th, 2017

Restoration and cleaning franchise site places our hub-and-spoke business model at front and center

A new consumer website is proving to be a boon for Steamatic franchise owners, and it’s proving popular with clients, as well. Part of the secret of the new site’s success is due to the prominence placed on our hub-and-spoke business model.


“Unlike other restoration franchise concepts, Steamatic offers a diverse array of routine cleaning services, which helps fill in the times between the big-ticket restoration jobs with lucrative, steady work,” says Franchise Development Director Bill Helton. “The hub-and-spoke model we employ means the investments you’ve made in equipment and training generate regular, predictable revenues.”

Since 1968, Steamatic has been a leader in the water damage restoration industry, providing residential and commercial restoration solutions for water, fire and mold damage. A proven industry leader, Steamatic franchise owners generate average annual revenues of almost $1.2 million per territory as reported in the FDD, which makes a Steamatic cleaning and restoration franchise an excellent investment in a scalable business in a growth industry. With this new consumer website, franchisees get the chance to meet the consumer in their moment of need — while they’re actively looking for services — and to provide them with up-to-date information and a thorough explanation of our services.

The new consumer site incorporates a localized consumer portal for each franchise location. When users enter their zip code, they’re transported to the individual franchise owner’s site, where they can find contact information, a menu of our services and all of the in-depth information contained in the national consumer site.

Because the new site highlights everything a Steamatic franchise does, franchisees benefit in a host of ways. Here are just a few:

The hub-and-spoke model takes center stage. Steamatic’s unique menu of regular cleaning services bolsters revenues by driving margins higher and providing a stream of steady, predictable income between lucrative restoration jobs. The hub-and-spoke is just one reason our franchisees routinely post average revenues in excess of $1.1 million.

Potential clients are informed when they contact the franchise office. The Steamatic consumer site provides comprehensive information about what we offer and the benefits of choosing Steamatic. This represents a significant portion of the sales process, and when a client calls to inquire about services, they’re already aware of many of the benefits we provide, thus improving the sales process and conversion rates.

Geographically targeting inquiries to the right territory cuts down on the frustration of misplaced calls. Nothing frustrates potential customers more than calling a wrong number and getting routed to another location. By tagging each customer to the geographically appropriate location, the new consumer site cuts down on the hassle of finding the right location and phone number. When a customer finds your location by the website, they’re calling because they’re in your market.

Our new consumer site is cutting edge and places us at the forefront of the industry. Steamatic pioneered the $210 billion restoration industry, and we continue to innovate in this competitive business. Our new consumer site demonstrates a commitment to ongoing development of both our marketing and technology as we strive to maintain our position as the leader in the restoration and cleaning industry.

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