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3 Ways the Steamatic Franchise DASH Revolutionizes Your Revenue Stream

Posted Mar 20th, 2017

Cutting-edge CRM opens up the throttle on growing and maintaining consistently high revenues

An exciting transformation has just taken place in Steamatic restoration franchise locations around the world. Our franchise owners are now able to maintain the books, recruit new clients and invoice insurers — all on-the-go. This revolutionary change comes thanks to DASH, our fully integrated management system that, quite literally, puts control of your business in your hands.

“DASH really streamlines everything we do,” explains Bill Helton, Steamatic Franchise Development Director. “Activities that used to be two or three steps are now one step, and everything is done right out in the field.”

Steamatic DASH CRMThat means you don’t have to waste valuable time in the office filling out paperwork for this insurance agent or on behalf of that third-party vendor. Instead, you can tackle those tasks on-the-go from a tablet or smartphone. This is a phenomenal opportunity for franchise owners to change the way they do business and maximize revenues in a way few other restoration franchise can.

Since 1968, Steamatic has been the pioneer restoration and cleaning franchise, providing residential and commercial restoration solutions for water, fire and mold damage around the world. We have a unique hub-and-spoke business model; in addition to restoration, Steamatic also cleans HVAC systems and air ducts, carpets, rugs, furniture, draperies and hard surfaces like stone, tile, hardwoods and countertops. By putting control of your business in your hands, Steamatic frees you to get out and develop the relationships that lead to a thriving, $1-million-plus business.

“Over the last month and a half, we’ve migrated our franchisees onto DASH,” Bill says. Corporate held three different regional trainings for our franchisees — in Ft. Worth, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The franchisees attended that and received a lot of hands-on training from DASH and from our corporate team. A lot of emphasis was placed on getting them up to speed with this new technology.”

One of the most innovative aspects of DASH is that it’s completed in the field. As any service business owner will tell you, the faster you can complete the paperwork, the quicker you get paid. Yet, when given the choice between completing paperwork or delivering service, which would you choose?

DASH eliminates that choice, because completing the invoicing, ordering the supplies, and scheduling jobs all becomes part of operating and delivering services.

Steamatic Franchise DASH CRM

“The quicker you can get the invoice out, the quicker you’re going to get payment. DASH is going to do a lot for us in that respect,” says Bill, who adds that, once freed from paperwork, new relationships become the focus. “Owners are more focused now on going out and finding new jobs.”

And one of the biggest benefits of those new relationships are the chances they represent to grow the non-restoration, routine cleaning jobs that make Steamatic’s hub-and-spoke model so powerful.

“Owners can take advantage of so much more of the low-hanging fruit of regular jobs, because now they have more time to focus on developing those relationships,” Bill says.

Join Steamatic franchise today and see for yourself how the new DASH system can help you grow into a million dollar business.

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With an initial investment starting at just over $137,000 and an average annual revenue of just over $1.1 million per franchise, Steamatic is affordable to open and can provide a huge return on investment.

There’s never been a better time to join the Steamatic franchise family. Become part of an iconic brand that has been on the industry forefront for nearly 50 years. To learn more and to start a conversation, fill out a form to download our free franchise report or visit our research pages.