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Steamatic Franchise’s Larger Protected Territories Drive Revenues

Posted Aug 17th, 2017

Larger populations mean more business and higher revenues

Steamatic restoration franchise sets itself apart by awarding franchise owners larger territories than the competition. With more population and more businesses, franchise owners have more opportunities to grow revenues both in routine cleaning services and in the big-ticket restoration jobs.

Best of all, your territory is protected. That means when Steamatic gets a job in your neck of the woods, you’ll be the one providing the service and collecting the check.

“Larger protected territories mean more businesses, more insurance adjusters and, most importantly, more potential for the large-ticket restoration jobs that make our business model so lucrative,” says Kevin Bryant, Director of Franchise Development for Steamatic. “Where other competitors start their territories off at 60,000 or 90,000, Steamatic franchisees benefit from massive markets of 200,000. That’s a huge difference, and it shows on the bottom line.”

Steamatic Franchise

Since 1968, Steamatic has been a leader in the water damage restoration industry, providing residential and commercial restoration solutions for water, fire and mold damage. A proven industry leader, Steamatic franchise owners generate average annual revenues of almost $1.2 million per territory as reported in our Franchise Disclosure Document, which makes a Steamatic cleaning and restoration franchise an excellent investment in a scalable business in a growth industry.

From more insurance claims to bigger markets that keep technicians busy with routine cleaning services, Steamatic franchise grows revenues. Here are just a couple of ways:

Larger territories mean more insurance adjusters — and claims

The restoration industry is a $210 billion juggernaut that’s growing consistently every year. When disaster strikes, homeowners and businesses turn to their insurance companies to set the world right and put them back in their spaces. As a result, insurance adjusters are overworked, and they’re looking for help.

That’s where Steamatic excels. Our billing and management system is vertically integrated to place the insurance adjuster in the heart of the process. So when a technician in the field sees something that needs to be addressed, they can adjust the claim and receive approval — without ever leaving the job site.

The result is you do more work, faster, and with less hassle to the insurance companies than other restoration businesses. When it comes time to pick up the pieces again, that adjuster is going to remember working with Steamatic.

Steamatic’s hub-and-spoke model keeps crews busy

There’s no secret about it: Steamatic franchise owners love the high margins and big tickets attached to restoration jobs. But we don’t just sit around and wait for disaster to strike.

Steamatic’s hub-and-spoke model keeps crews busy

Our hub-and-spoke business model relies on routine cleaning services to businesses and homes to add to the bottom line. Hard surface cleaning, carpets and upholstery, draperies, and other services mean that your technicians don’t experience “down” time or “dark” days.

Instead, they’re working daily to deliver high-quality cleaning services to your clients. This drives revenue, and the proof is in the system: our franchises average $1.1 million a year in revenues.

Bringing Steamatic to your community is affordable

With an initial investment starting at just over $137,000 and an average annual revenue of just over $1.1 million per franchise, Steamatic is affordable to open and can provide a huge return on investment.

There’s never been a better time to join the Steamatic franchise family. Become part of an iconic brand that has been on the industry forefront for nearly 50 years. To learn more and to start a conversation, fill out a form to download our free franchise information report or visit our research pages.