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How do we Define Franchise Territories?

We create protected territories designed to create successful owners

Steamatic separates itself from other restoration and cleaning industries by designing larger, protected territories — serving a population of about 200,000 — than do our competitors, who usually have territories in the 60,000 to 90,000 population range.

Territories are based on population and the amount of referral sources. Our top referral sources include:

  • Insurance agents
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Property managers
  • Real estate agents
  • Plumbers

Although we provide each franchisee with an optimized local website and have a variety of digital lead generation strategies and marketing systems, restoration is a relationship business. We believe a larger territory is the key to maximizing these relationships. Our franchise owners are visible in their communities, and a large part of what a Steamatic franchise owner does during a typical work week is focus on networking with these key referral sources.


People enjoy doing business with someone local — someone they know and trust. A Steamatic franchise owner has an opportunity to become the most visible and trustworthy restoration vendor in the market. They develop a reputation for being responsive to customer needs, for being professional on the job and for doing work correctly. Most importantly, they are local — they will stand behind the work they do and will fix problems if they arise.

Restoration services are in demand everywhere to treat fire damage, water damage and mold. Most buildings in the U.S. have air ducts or some form of carpeting, rugs or upholstery that need cleaning. So all territories are good territories, and if you look at our diverse services, you could run a single business on any one of them. Customers who need restoration work will often hire you to do other, related work. The customer that has water damage from a washing machine might hire you to clean their carpets later in the year. The customer that needs mold remediation might also hire you for commercial work.

Protected territories make it less confusing for customers and referral sources to understand whom to call first for jobs. If a franchisee is spending on marketing for that territory they can be assured they are not competing with another Steamatic franchise location.

In other restoration franchises, you’ll often see several franchise owners competing against each other and often for the same business. We believe our larger, exclusive and protected territories set up a Steamatic franchise owner to have the best chance at grabbing a large piece of the restoration business in a local market.

To learn about your local market and what a Steamatic territory would look like, start a conversation with us about becoming a Steamatic franchise owner.

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