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How to start down the path to Steamatic franchise ownership

We want the right franchisees to invest in our Steamatic family; we have a structured discovery process that is a mutual evaluation. People are often attracted to the restoration industry by its enormous size and high margins. It is important to us at Steamatic that we recruit people who are not just focused on the bottom line. We want franchise owners who will thrive in our culture and stay with us for lengthy amounts of time.

The average tenure of a Steamatic franchise owner is often decades long, and many of our franchises are passed down from generation to generation. We’re entering into one of the largest growth spurts in our history. Now is a great time to invest in our franchise!

Now that you’ve researched us, here’s what the next steps look like

When you fill out a form on our website or give us a call, you’ll find that we have a structured discovery process. We’ve designed this process to help you learn more about our franchise opportunity and gather the information you need to make an informed and accurate decision about ownership.

You’re looking at us to see if we’re a fit for you, and we’re going to be looking to see if you’re a fit for us. Something can be a good opportunity without being a good fit, and we want to make sure we have both. Good opportunity, good fit for both of us.

The process is fairly simple. You request information. We send you a link with some additional details about Steamatic. We’ll reach out to you. After that initial call, if we decide that we have a mutual interest in continuing, we walk you through a series of one-on-one webinars designed to help you learn about our business.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How a Steamatic franchise works
  • How our franchise owners make money
  • How we fit into the overall restoration and cleaning industries
  • The history of our brand
  • What the startup costs are
  • How to staff and equip your business
  • How each of the services we provide works

During this process, you ask questions about us, and we will have you fill out an online application so we can learn more about you. We send you our disclosure document and then call to talk about the document’s details. We want to make sure you are clear on what it means and how it affects you.

The discovery process takes about 30 days. Once you make the decision to join Steamatic, and we agree that it’s a good fit, we award you your franchise and then typically there is a 30-day pre-training before you are sent to the two- to three-week Steamatic University for classroom and hands-on field training. The whole process from the time you inquire to the time you get your doors open typically takes about 90 days.

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