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Steamatic Franchise FAQ

Quick answers to common questions

How much is our franchise fee?
Our single territory franchise fee is $42,000, and we charge a $5,000 technology fee.

What are the qualifications for a franchisee?
We ask that someone have a minimum of $75,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of $200,000. We look for someone who has business skills and has experience supervising employees. We want a person who is friendly, has a helper mentality and is able to work with people — the best way to build a business is to form relationships within a community to obtain more jobs.

What services do you provide?
We have a hub-and-spoke model. Water and fire damage cleanup and mold remediation are our big services, but our franchisees provide other cleaning services: carpet and rugs, HVAC systems and air ducts, furniture and draperies and hard surfaces like stone, tile, and hardwood.

What is the breakdown between restoration and cleaning?
Individual franchise locations vary, but systemwide, 67% of our business is restoration and 33% is cleaning or other services.

How do you define territories?
We look for an area with 200,000 people and a high-enough number of our top five referral sources — insurance agents, insurance adjusters, real estate agents, property managers, and plumbers — to generate adequate business.

How many employees do I need?
Our restoration and carpet cleaning franchise starts with you and a technician. As a business matures, you’ll be able to add more techs and equipment. With an average revenue of nearly $1.1 million per year for a franchisee, you may have six to seven employees.

Do I need an office?
You do not need to have an office to start — as many as 50% of our new owners start without an office. You’ll want warehouse space for your equipment and vehicles as you begin to grow your business.

How much can I make with a Steamatic cleaning franchise for sale?
Income for franchisees varies, but our average revenue is nearly $1.2 million per franchisee — with the top third generating about $2.2 million.

Do you provide training and ongoing support?
Yes, and that training includes 2 weeks at the corporate office, an optional week shadowing our corporate franchise and then 3 different site visits within the first 90 days.

Do you help me generate leads?
Yes. We provide an optimized website for each franchise and have detailed marketing programs that help you get a good return on your local advertising spends. We generate leads for our brand by attending national conferences, speaking at events and through our relationships with insurance carriers and TPAs.

Do I get my own local website?
Yes, we provide optimized, state-of-the-art local websites for our franchisees to help them generate leads.

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