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What is a Steamatic Franchise?

From restoration to cleaning, Steamatic franchise owners dominate their markets

Steamatic is a global restoration and cleaning franchise that provides residential and commercial restoration solutions for water, fire and mold damage. We also clean HVAC systems and air ducts, carpets, rugs, furniture, draperies and hard surfaces like stone, tile, hardwoods and countertops. With an initial investment starting at just over $129,000, Steamatic is affordable to open and can provide a comfortable return on investment.

A glimpse of our cleaning franchise

Steamatic franchisees do a lot more than just restoration, making it possible for franchisees to get started right away after completing training. Franchisees build their revenue daily with cleaning jobs while building relationships that lead to ongoing restoration opportunities. This enables our franchisees to make some of the highest average revenue numbers in the industry. For decades, our franchise owners have built successful businesses using our proven model.

“Very few restoration and cleaning companies offer all the services that we do,” says Stefan Figley, Steamatic President. “If you take the best that individual carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, commercial floor cleaning and restoration franchises offer and roll them into one business, you have Steamatic.”

Steamatic is The Healthy Home Authority®.  Our professional cleaning specialists are in thousands of homes every year.  We know firsthand that a clean home is a healthy home.  With over 50 years of experience handling every conceivable cleaning challenge, you can trust Steamatic to have the expertise, the tools and the customer service to keep your home clean and healthy.

Typical restoration businesses depend upon catastrophes or major events to build their revenue. Steamatic is different. “We don’t depend on restoration work alone,” says Steamatic Development Director Joe Roland. “A franchisee can ramp up faster with diverse income streams while they focus on developing the key referral relationships that drive the restoration business.”

We help people put their lives back together

Insurance companies rush to repair homes that have been damaged by flooding or fire and smoke — from their perspective, repairing a home is nearly always less expensive than replacing it. Their pricing structure and emphasis on speed create high margins for restoration companies.

High-margin businesses attract lots of entrepreneurs, and it can be easy to lose sight of the human element in the process. But behind every restoration job are people who are often having the worst day of their lives.

At Steamatic, we believe in treating people right. Although we enjoy the high margins and direct payment that restoration work offers, helping people is at the core of what we do. Ask any Steamatic franchise owner what they love about the business, and they’ll tell you it’s the opportunity to help someone. Making money is important, but the purpose of our business propels our owners.

Our cleaning franchises do more than clean: they help people in need

“Franchisees need to have a helper mentality, to have empathy for those who have had a loss,” says Stefan Figley, President. Families and businesses need to know that Steamatic cares about that heirloom rug and that we know how important it is that our customers’ homes and businesses be free of mold and safe for their children.

“We are in the business of helping people restore their lives and properties to a better condition,” Joe Roland says. “We go into someone’s house on a bad day and bring calm in a chaotic situation.”

Cleaning franchise opportunities: Our values and culture

Since 1968, Steamatic has built a thriving business with the involvement of several families. Best friends Bill Blackmon and Scott Mooring formed the cleaning franchise and later gave the reins to their sons. The sons eventually sold to Bill Sims, who brought in his son, Jarrod, to help run operations. The families of our franchisees and those of the customers they serve are every bit as important to our operation.

“We are very family-driven,” says Steamatic Chairman Bill Sims. “A lot of our franchise owners have families involved — children, brothers, all kinds of relatives. It is really about the way that we treat people, how our franchisees pull together to help each other. They are not just a number. We know all of them and have been in their homes, their businesses. This is very important.”

Cleaning franchise opportunities abound with Steamatic!

That creates longevity — many Steamatic franchisees are second-generation owners. Steamatic is a company where people can count on one another, share information and be trusted to do the right thing.

“We want franchisees to feel like part of a family.  We don’t bring the wrong person into that family just for the sake of selling a franchise.”

Our five core values are everywhere at headquarters — from corporate team members’ desks to the walls:

  • Do the right thing.
  • Take pride in your work.
  • Go the extra mile.
  • Be open-minded and willing to teach and learn.
  • Be a positive and supportive influence for all.

These values are important to exhibit to customers and to each other as Steamatic partners, Stefan says. Steamatic franchisees and technicians work together closely on jobs — sometimes at all hours of the day away from their own families — to help other families in need.

“We want people to be committed to those values before they buy into a new Steamatic,” Stefan says.

A technology-based business

Steamatic may be an iconic cleaning franchise with origins that go back to the beginning of franchising in the U.S., but we are not slow to evolve. We are agile and nimble, and we’ve developed a track record of successfully integrating technology to grow our business.

Steamatic today is highly technology-driven. From our proprietary management software to our iPad-based quoting tools, our franchisees leverage technology to help them provide faster service, improve client communications and generate new business.

Our cleaning franchises are forward-thinking when it comes to technology

Steamatic is also a relationship-based business, and a large percentage of our restoration work comes from five referral sources: insurance agents, insurance adjusters, real estate agents, property managers, and plumbers. When we define territories, we look for large enough numbers of each of these five groups so a franchisee has ample opportunity to grow.

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