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Who is Our Competition?

We’re not the largest restoration franchise; we think we’re the best

Steamatic is not the biggest or the least expensive restoration franchise in the industry, but ask any customer or franchise owner and they’ll tell you we do quality work.

Historically, some restoration companies have been fly-by-night startups. Many times operators had little training and questionable backgrounds.

The restoration industry is evolving. Insurance companies — who hire companies to handle 90% of restoration jobs — and businesses and residents want a more professional, skilled, reliable restoration company that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. In a litigious world, insurance companies don’t want to take the risk of dealing with a restoration company that could be a liability. They want someone professional, insured, trained, certified and local — someone who will stand behind the work. Insurance companies need to hire a restoration vendor quickly, and when faced with a choice between a Steamatic franchise owner and a small independent, we believe we are a better choice.

How Steamatic stands out from other restoration and cleaning franchises

Steamatic arms our franchisees with the tools to make them the best they can be in the industry. This involves thinking about what insurance companies need the most and how we can leverage our cutting-edge technology to give them better information about jobs, faster.

“Our training, certification programs, and aggressive ongoing support set us apart in the restoration industry,” says Steamatic Chairman Bill Sims. “Any company out there can go suck water out of somewhere the same way. It is not cutting-edge to try to do that faster. What is cutting edge is focusing on technology that will submit forms to carriers faster.”

Steamatic’s technology is unique. We use a customized restoration management software, DASH, that allows franchisees and technicians to load information and pictures and send links to insurance companies and businesses. They can see in real time how a job is coming along and get the paperwork needed to make payments.

“One email has everything on it about a job,” says Steamatic Development Director Joe Roland. “A franchisee can operate their entire business inside DASH.”

Most of the business and a significant part of documenting a job — everything from the initial quote to the job ticket to photos and reporting — can be managed in the field on an iPad. Freeing franchise owners up from the burden of paperwork allows them to focus on doing more jobs and providing quality work for customers.

Bigger territory, more diverse profit centers

We distinguish ourselves from other restoration and cleaning franchises because our territories are larger. Our competitors’ territories are 60,000 to 90,000 population areas, whereas ours include up to 200,000 people. This allows franchisees to offer our services to more customers, including residents, insurance adjusters and agents, Realtors, property managers and plumbers, and can greatly expand the growth potential of each individual business.

Our restoration and cleaning franchise has a large territory

Steamatic franchises many times will build their businesses by buying additional territories to extend their services and earning potential.

We also don’t pigeonhole franchisees into offering only one service; Steamatic owners can explore multiple avenues to make money.

Our hub-and-spoke business model has our restoration services as our main spokes of income, but our smaller spokes provide franchisees generous revenue streams regardless of whether there’s been a catastrophe in their territory. We clean carpets and rugs, HVAC systems and air ducts, furniture and draperies, and hard surfaces like stone, tile, and hardwood. Invoices for cleaning services, whether removing debris from a hospital’s air ducts or cleaning carpets for a restaurant chain, can amount to thousands of dollars. In the long run, those jobs build trust with customers who someday may need us for restoration work.

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